Friday, November 17, 2006

Sloth's Comment of the day

So like usual I am working on what I work on best, and in pops Sloth. He walks to the back of the room (where I am)

"You're a nerd!"


More Silence and staring

Sloth leaves...

The King came in a little latter and said "Sloth hasn't been too annoying today?!"

I related the deep conversation... The King gave me a retort... I am sure some time in the next two weeks I will get to use the retort...

On A brighter note... It is Friday, next week is a two day week, and then three days of a vacation (plus two days weekend). The week ahead is looking bright... Friday... Good to be here...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Takes 30 Minutes to say 10 Minutes of Nothing

Meetings. I seriously believe that all our meetings (in the entire world) could be cut down by a third. There was a meeting today that took 30 minutes (the length of lunch) to "discuss" something that really could have been done in 10 minutes.

Of course most of the problems with these meetings is the fact that people don't know what they want, but they do know they want to complain. Let's add NO COMPLAINING about the way things are to our meetings. Solutions and answers would be a good use of meetings. In this one, after thirty minutes, we still really didn't have a "clear" picture of what this teacher wanted to have happen. Oh well, I guess I won't be going to the next thirty minute meeting...

Please, keep the meeting to ten minutes people!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fortress Of Solitude

I have come to the conclusion a good cry at school is ok once in a while. I had a student today decide she was going to "tattle" on the other studnets THREE SEATS OVER at what they were doing (she does this kind of thing offten) when she should be working on HER work at HER seat. At this point I put the blinders up and built her a "fortress of looky lues." That is to say I made it "imposible" to look at the other students around her.

As I am building my fortress of solitude the other students where like, "WHY DOES SHE GET THAT!" They all thought it was cool, they wanted to have a "fortress of solitude." Sadly the girl in the fortress (only three walls) did not. She cried.

Did this help? Nope, her attitude digresses, and I am sure there will be a meeting about how we do not put children in a "fortress of solitude" even though they are bothered, and continue to bother those around them...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Idiot (I mean to say Unintelligent)

Oxford Says:
idiot |ˈidēət| |ˌɪdiət| |ˌɪdɪət|
noun informal
a stupid person.

ORIGIN Middle English (denoting a person of low intelligence):

Is it "ok" to call a student an idiot? I don't mean to their face, I mean in definition of their intelligence. I was trying to find a way to describe this one child, lets call her Andi. After four years of doing the same thing, she will still just stare into space... stare... stare... stare...

Trying to figure out the "best" way to describe a trully stupid person without sound offensive Oxford also says this:


If you want to impugn someone's intelligence, the options are almost limitless.
You can call the person stupid, a term that implies a sluggish, slow-witted lack of intelligence.
Asinine is a harsher word, implying asslike or foolish behavior rather than slow-wittedness (: a woman her age looked asinine in a miniskirt).
Calling someone dumb is risky, because it is not only an informal word (: you dumb bunny!), but because it also means mute and is associated with the offensive expression “deaf and dumb,” used to describe people who cannot hear or speak.
Dense implies an inability to understand even simple facts or instructions (: too dense to get the joke), while dull suggests a sluggishness of mind unrelieved by any hint of quickness, brightness, or liveliness ( | a dull stare).
Slow also implies a lack of quickness in comprehension or reaction and is often used as a euphemistic substitute for stupid (: he was a little slow intellectually).
Obtuse is a more formal word for slow-wittedness, but with a strong undercurrent of scorn (: it almost seemed as though he were being deliberately obtuse).
You can't go wrong with a word like unintelligent, which is probably the most objective term for low mental ability and the least likely to provoke an angry response (: unintelligent answers to the teacher's questions).

I think my favorite is Obtuse...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do You Work Here?

There is an ongoing joke about my "status" as a teacher at my work. Incoherent is a lady at our work that basically runs "looking" like she is "working" but in reality is wasting space. Most of what she says is incoherent. She is an aide at our school.

Last Friday she walks in with visitors (we always have visitors checking us out) and is asked by one of the visitors, "Is he (refering to me) a teacher?" So, with full class in swing, she turns around and asks in a normal loud speaking voice (she is ALWAYS loud), "Are you a teacher?"

I looked at her a little stunned (stupid) and ask, "What do mean?"

"I mean are you a teacher or what? Are you a certified teacher?"

"Ah, yes, with over 10 years of schooling and two masters I would say I am a certified teacher."

"Oh," she says.

She then turns to the visitors, "Yes, he is a teacher."

So being as Stunned Stupid as I am by Incoherent's questions I was laughing to my coworkers about this. At which one point now in the halls when I make a comment the response always is "Dude, you don't even work here...."


On A funny note of today The King speaks gibberish! An email came across my computer and his (cc:) at which point The King entered my room. I told him I have NO IDEA what that email means! He responds, "It's ok, I took care of it, I speak gibberish!"

I am glad there are some who understand the gibberish of emails. And as I am finishing this he reminds me that I am not even a teacher.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Would Think I was joking!

You know the whole thing that started my thought processes of having to "vent" somewhere about the idiocities at work was the whole Jean Day rediculous. So today an email goes out from Tweedle Dumb (who by the way is a NICE guy):

"Jean day falls on Thursday this week because of the Friday holiday! Bring you dollars!"

On a happy note a class had popcorn, so I got some. The popcorn was a good snack at the end of the day. You know the fat free, buttery type.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Proved my case: Sloth 2

The phone tree went out the other day. You know the one where you need to call people in case of an emergency. Here in Charlotte we do this in case of WEATHER days, bad weather = no school. Anyway, the phone tree goes out and a response to the whole staff from Sloth is:

"OH Great! Now Ms.T has everyones number......."

Seriously it is comments like that that are just not needed, and not even funny!